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Year 8 Katie has poem published
Thursday 8th June
Senior School

Congratulations to Katie in Year 8 who has become a published poet. Her poem has been featured in a recently published booklet of poems celebrating grandparents entitled 'Ten Poems about Grandparents'.  The booklet was published through Candlestick Press and is available through Amazon and some bookstores.  Katie has been asked to attend the book launch that will be held in Headington next month. 


Recipe for a Grandparent


A base mixture of age and wisdom,

a teaspoon of clumsiness,

a handful of memories,

a sprinkle of wrinkles; then stir

and chuck in a chequered jumper

just for good measure.


Add a smidgen of forgetfulness

and a teaspoon of laughter.

Make sure you drizzle generosity

so they will go crazy at Christmas.

Pour in funniness and mix it in,

till they have you laughing.


They mustn't be embarrassing

when they start dancing,

so throw in some common sense

to fix that problem.  Line the tin

with woolly socks and slippers

then bake until warm to the touch.


Katie Cleverley

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