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Year 5 trip to Dorchester Abbey
Thursday 8th June
Junior School School trips

Year 5 enjoyed their first day back after half term with a trip to Dorchester Abbey.  We were greeted in the entrance by Margaret Craig, the Education Officer, who asked us to write down lots of questions we'd like answered by the end of the day. Then we explored the abbey church, hearing about its history, why it was first built as a cathedral, then how it became a monastery and finally a parish church.  We dressed up and acted out St Birinus being sent from Italy by the Pope to spread the Christian faith to the people of England and converting the Anglo-Saxon, King Cynegils and his daughter Kyneburga. Then we talked about how the church was an important place of pilgrimage and how Birinus's remains were put into a shrine where people could come and pray and ask for miracles. We were also treated to a tour of the museum and looked at some of the archaeological finds that have been discovered in the area, including a mammoth's tooth and the remains of a Giant Elk!

After lunch we designed and made our pilgrim badges from pewter then wrote down our thoughts and prayers to sit down and read at the modern day shrine of St Birinus.

At the end of the day we had a lot more answers than questions!

Mrs Strange

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