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Team Challoner win Science Challenge Cup
Thursday 23rd March
Senior School Events

The Year 9 Construction Challenge was won by Challoner this week  – congratulations to their team. This was a highly successful event for developing valuable life skills in team work as well as tackling a challenging engineering project.  Year 9 pupils designed and built ambitious towers which were then tested by Science Oxford for their weight bearing capabilities. The teams also built bridges with marks being awarded for technical expertise and team participation. Marks were also available for tidying up after each project. Thank you to Science Oxford for such a great day enjoyed by all. These are some of our pupils' comments on the day:

“I really enjoyed today because I got to use my skills and worked well with people I don’t often work with. The day was thought provoking and made me think about how to plan and design in the task.”


“I really enjoyed building the tower, it was lots of fun and I learnt about the different aspects that need to be taken into account when building and engineering.”

“I think it is good to do different things than lessons every day.”

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