Modern Foreign Languages

Half of Year 7 study French and the other half study Spanish. This then is their compulsory language up to GCSE. In addition, in Year 8 pupils have an introduction to the language they did not study in Year 7 and they can opt for this in Year 9 as one of their option subjects.

French and Spanish are taught mainly through the target language. There is an emphasis on building up confidence in speaking and listening, as well as developing an understanding of the written language and grammar. Pupils are taught to produce their own French/Spanish in speaking and writing.

Extension reading is encouraged through our reading passport scheme as well as the use of websites for language learning. All pupils sit the GCSE examination in French or Spanish (r both if they opt for a second language in Year 9).

Facilities and resources

The MFL department has its own teaching area. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards. Two ICT rooms are available for use. A variety of resources are used within the class to teach languages in a lively way, using a communicative approach.

The curriculum

Class sizes vary from 10 to 21, depending on the group. In Years 7 to 11 there are 4 lessons a week for Frenchand Spanish (where it is the cumpulsory language). Spanish has 3 lessons a week in Year 9 and 4 in Years 10 and 11 as an option subject.

Topics taught in Years 7 – 9 include family, school, hobbies, pocket money, town and country, environment, festivals.

Topics covered at GCSE


  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure
  • Home and Environment
  • Work and Education


The examination is made up of the following components:

Unit 1 Listening 20%

Unit 2 Reading 20%

(Both of these are tiered with entry at either Foundation or Higher)

Unit 3 Speaking 30% - controlled assessment, internally assessed, two tasks submitted for moderation

Unit 4 writing 30% - controlled assessment, externally assessed, two tasks submitted for marking

Activities, visits and clubs


Years 9 - Upper 6 are able to take part in either an optional Spanish exchange to Avilés in Northern Spain or a French exchange to La Seyne sur Mer in the South of France. These visits run in alternate years.

The Junior Language Club runs once a week organised by Sixth Form linguists, for Year 7. If pupils are interested, in Years 8 and above, they can complete an introductory course in another language, using the BBC Languages website, as part of our Online Languages club.

Pupils in Year 11 and above are encouraged to watch films in French or Spanish and to use appropriate websites.

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