AQA Design and Technology: Product Design - Textiles

We are surrounded by textiles. Textiles are used in homes, cars, hospitals, shops and hotels, at school and in every workplace. Textiles can be functional or decorative but are often both. Fashion and interior design involve not only the creation of new styles and shapes but also the development of new prints, patterns and technologically advanced (smart) fabrics.

This is an area that is changing all the time and there are many career opportunities in the world of textiles. The fashion world needs models, clothes designers, fabric designers, skilled technicians and buyers. Other career paths include marketing, museum work, education, advertising and architecture.

A level Textiles is designed to encourage students to take a broad view of design and technology, to develop their capacity to design and make products and to appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing. It is also suitable for those who enjoy working with fabrics who do not wish to study the subject beyond AS or A level.

Textiles is taught as a life skill and develops areas such as problem solving, time management,organisation and planning as well as the technical and creative expertise associated with the subject.

AS Outline

At AS, students will have the opportunity to study and work with a wide variety of fabrics and components used in the design and making of textile products. Students will work in both two and three dimensional forms. They will gain an understanding of industrial and commercial practices within the area of design and manufacture.

A2 Outline

At A2, the course specification offers students the opportunity to further develop the knowledge and practical skills from AS level. Students will continue to design and manufacture exciting textile products using their understanding of the processes and procedures of commercial textile manufacture.

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