Modern Foreign Languages

AS and A Levels are offered in French and Spanish.

A significant proportion of A2 students go on to study languages at university. We offer mentoring to advise and support them in their application.

Topics Covered

Topics covered at AS

  • Media
  • Popular Culture
  • Healthy Living/Lifestyle
  • Family/Relationships

Topics covered at A2

  • Environment
  • The Multicultural Society
  • Contemporary Social Issues
  • Cultural Topics

AS and A2 Examinations: AQA Syllabuses French and Spanish

AS and A2 Examinations: AQA syllabuses in French and Spanish

AS examination

Unit 1 - Listening, Reading and Writing

  • 70% of AS
  • 35% of A Level
  • 2 hours written examination
  • Available January and June

Unit 2 - Speaking

  • 35 minutes speaking test (including 20 minutes preparation)
  • 30% of AS
  • 15% of A2
  • Available January and June

A2 examination

Unit 3 - Listening, Reading and Writing

  • 35% of A Level
  • 2 hours 30 minutes written examination
  • Available June only

Unit 4 – FRE4T; Speaking Test

  • 15% of A Level
  • 35 minutes speaking test (including 20 minutes preparation)
  • Available June only

Activities, Visits and Clubs

Students have the opportunity to attend conferences on topics relevant to their courses. There are occasional showings of foreign films in school. Those interested in completing an introduction to a new language can also follow an online BBC course.

Sixth Form linguists run the Junior language club for Years 7 and 8 and some students choose to mentor younger pupils, helping them with French or Spanish GCSE.

In this area we have a wealth of opportunities for pursuing language studies outside the classroom: the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education offers intensive weekend courses in both French and Spanish, the European School in Culham is able to offer a day’s immersion visit in French, the Oxford Playhouse and theatres in London put on plays by European writers.

As well as participating in the Spanish exchange to Avilés in Northern Spain or the French residential visit for up to 20 students which run in alternate years, students in the Sixth Form are also encouraged to make their own arrangements to visit the country whose language they are studying. Sixth Formers may be eligible to apply for a bursary from the Vale of the White Horse to undertake a project in one of the Vale’s twin towns in France.

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