Information Technology

This course has some flexibility in its structure at A2 level, to give candidates some choice to form qualifications which can be highly individual to their personal aptitudes, interests and ambitions.

At AS GCE Level, three compulsory units are done. At GCE A-Level, a further three units are done, two of which are chosen from a possible four.

These broad-based awards make available significantly more vocational alternatives, not only providing valuable preparation for careers in the area of information technology, but also designed to provide a progression route to higher education and further training for employment.

AS and A2 units are equally weighted and each level forms 50% of the total assessment. A large proportion of assessment is by portfolio (coursework) evidence.

Requirements to do this course

You do not need to have studied Information Technology up to the full GCSE level, but you do need to be familiar and reasonably competent with word processing, use of spreadsheets and desktop publishing.

The most important qualities students need to study this course are:

  • a lively and enquiring mind;
  • an interest in Information Technology;
  • a willingness to explore new ideas;
  • an ability to communicate your ideas effectively;
  • the ability to work independently and keep to deadlines, as a large part of assessment is through coursework.

By doing this course, students will:

  • gain a broad understanding of information technology;
  • develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of information technology and its application;
  • have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical, creative and realistic way;
  • gain confidence through developing independent learning skills.

What Pupils Study (AS Level)

AS level

There are three units:

Unit G040 – Using ICT to Communicate:

  • The information age;
  • Communication of information;
  • Accuracy and readability;
  • Styles of presentation;
  • How organisations present information;
  • Standard ways of working.

This unit is assessed through coursework.

Unit G041 – How Organisations use ICT:

  • Types of organisation;
  • Functions within organisations;
  • Information and its use;
  • ICT systems;
  • The impact of ICT on working practices;
  • The impact of ICT on methods of production;
  • Legislation.

This unit is assessed through an external examination based on a case study.

Unit GO42 – ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society:

  • Public-service websites;
  • Search engines;
  • Databases;
  • Use of spreadsheets;
  • Development of spreadsheets to present results of data analysis;
  • Presentation of the results of an investigation.

This unit is assessed through coursework.

What Pupils Study (A2 Level)

Students who choose to continue the course in the Upper VI, will study three further units. Unit G048 is compulsory, but the other two will be determined by and for the whole group, depending on their aptitude and personal interests.

Unit G048 – Working to a Brief:

  • Understand a set brief and plan to meet the requirements of the brief; 
  • Identification of skills; 
  • Work with others; 
  • Plan, develop and deliver a project; 
  • Continual evaluation of work; 
  • Production of a summative project.

The brief for this compulsory unit is set by the examination board.

Two from the following units:

Unit G049 – Numerical Modelling Using Spreadsheets:

This unit is assessed through coursework.

Unit G051 - Publishing:

This unit is assessed through coursework.

Unit G052 – Artwork and Imaging:

This unit is assessed through coursework.

Unit G053 – Developing and Creating Websites: 

This unit is assessed through coursework.

This course combines well with almost all other AS and A level subjects. Taken with Maths and Science, it supports applications for almost any computer-based university course. Taken with Languages or Arts it supports an equally wide range of university courses such as Communications, Media, Business and Management.

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