In the Sixth Form there is the opportunity to continue studying Physics at both Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A2) levels.

The Advanced Subsidiary is assessed at a standard between GCSE and A level and can be taken as a stand-alone subject at the end of the Lower Sixth or as the first part of the full A level course.

The introduction of the new AS levels provides a marvellous opportunity for many students to extend their science studies beyond GCSE and so broaden their education. In the past, students may have been unsure whether they wanted to embark on a science A-level. Now the student has the opportunity to take the subject to AS level and hopefully find it rewarding enough to continue to the full A level.

All three science subjects are modular courses. This involves a considerable amount of practical work where students are encouraged to develop their existing skills further. The skills which will be assessed are Planning, Implementing, Analysing and Evaluating.

The specification has been chosen because it covers the main concepts in Physics, providing the breadth and depth needed for a good academic subject. The course has a number of suggested practical activities, some of which will be assessed and the marks going forward to the final A level grade.

The units of study are shown below:

AS level

  • Mechanics
  • Electrons, Waves and Photons
  • Practical skills in Physics 1

A2 level

  • Newtonian world
  • Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics
  • Practical skills in Physics 2

Students who choose to study Physics are usually interested in how and why things work, and who want to understand and enjoy the challenge of solving problems.

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