Any prospective A-level student will be expected to have a good deal of musical experience outside and beyond the requirements for GCSE.

The student should have an accurate ear for pitch, rhythm and good aural awareness, and a genuine interest in a wide range of music is essential. The ability to play a keyboard instrument, at least at a modest level, will be an advantage.

The Units Studied

Unit 1: Performing

Students may offer one or more performances, either as a soloist or in an ensemble. The total time is 5-6 minutes. The expected difficulty level will be similar to Grade 5.

Unit 2: Composing

Students will submit a three minute piece to a chosen brief. They must also provide notes to describe aspects of their composition and explain how other pieces of music influenced it. All work must be carried out in controlled conditions. The total time for completion of this unit is 15 hours.

Unit 3: Developing Musical Understanding

This unit is about listining to music and understanding how it works. The two hour examination will consist of: (a) an aural assessment; (b) questions on matters of compositional detail, structure and style; (c) the completion of a simple passage in four parts. For unit 3 there will be two areas of study; Instrumental Music and Vocal Music

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