“There is no subject that opens up a wider range of skills and pleasures than a knowledge of the Classics” (Angela Lambert, journalist with ‘The Independent’).

“Perhaps the single most important quality for a senior executive is the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly. I can think of no better way to learn these skills than by the study of Classics” (Sir Anthony Cleaver, former Chair of IBM, head of UK Atomic Energy Authority).

Latin at either AS or full A-level offers you further training in logical thinking and insight into the structure of language. It also offers you the chance to enjoy a wider range of interesting and thought-provoking Roman literature, both poetry and prose.

As well as being rewarding in its own right, Latin is still a deservedly impressive subject to have on your application forms for university or future employment. It supports the study of English, History or Modern Languages, and in recent years has been studied with enjoyment and success alongside science subjects. Together with either arts or science subjects it could certainly help to provide the breadth of study now encouraged.

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