Food Technology

Food Technology is relevant to a range of careers and post-18 courses including Food and Nutrition, Dietetics, Marketing, Food Science, Food Production and Development, Management and Retail.

Other related careers include Teaching, Hotel and Catering Management, Hospitality and many more. The syllabus followed is AQA: Design Technology: Food Technology. This course builds upon the work covered at GCSE. At AS and A2 level students gain a broad view of food science and nutrition. Through designing and making a wide range of food products, students learn to appreciate the complex relationships which exist between design, materials and marketing food products.

At AS, candidates will have the opportunity to study nutrition and design and making in the human context. Knowledge of food science and of a wide range of materials and components used in the making of food products will be developed. Students will be given the opportunity to develop and solve a problem relating to food design and making. They will gain an understanding of industrial and commercial practices within the area of Food Technology.

At both AS and A2 level, coursework in the form of design portfolios, makes up 50% of the total marks.

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