Business Studies

Are you:


  • actively interested in the business world around you?
  • able to think logically and analytically?
  • a regular reader of newspapers, journals and on-line news?

If the answer to the above questions is 'yes' then Business Studies would be a good choice for you.

Business Studies covers a range of disciplines based around the central theme of how and why business decisions are made in a changing external environment. Whilst theoretical aspects of business are studied, the subject is firmly based on practical problems faced in the real world.

The key areas of study are:


  • marketing
  • decision-making
  • operations management
  • financial performance
  • management and human resources
  • the external environment (economic, social, governmental, technological and international)
  • business objectives and strategic management. 

The AS course the focuses on understanding the nature and purpose of business and assesses different forms of business. It analyses different styles of management and leadership and examines decision making in a variety of contexts including marketing, operations, finance and human resources. Practical experience in running a business may have already been gained through the Young Enterprise scheme. 

The A Level course focuses the strategic position of the business from internal strengths and weaknesses to external opportunities and threats. It incorporates new and exciting content such as big data and Bowman’s strategic clock as well as timeless classics such as competitive advantage and stakeholder power mapping.

The A Level course develops skills of analysis, to show an understanding of internal and external influences on business and individuals, and evaluation skills of both qualitative and quantitative information. It uses a variety of examination methodologies including multiple choice questions, data response questions, essays and a case study.

Business Studies is an exciting and useful subject for all, whether or not you are thinking of a career in the business world. AS and A Level Business Studies can be successfully combined with most other AS and A Level subjects and can form a solid foundation for the study of Business Studies, Accounting, Marketing and Personnel Management at university. A number of OLA pupils have gone on to gain places with prestigious accountancy companies on their post-A level professional qualification courses.

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