There are many careers in art, craft and design. Most of these require further study at art school or university.

You may wish to do Art at AS or A2 level for its own sake, to form the basis of a future interest or as part of a range of other subjects.

You may also wish to go into a job where it is useful to have had experience of art, craft and design, and where you will need to use some of the practical skills developed during this course. These might include careers in such fields as advertising, marketing, museum work, design, fashion, architecture, teaching, publishing, film and the media.

The main purpose of any course in Art is to develop your ability to appreciate the visual world, respond to it in a personal and creative way and develop a working knowledge of materials, practices and technology within art.

At AS level students are required to develop a personal coursework portfolio and undertake an externally-set assignment.

At A2, candidates build on the knowledge and skills gained at AS. They are required to undertake a personal investigation and an externally-set assignment. All work is set by AQA, marked by the centre and moderated by AQA by visit to the school.

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