School Houses

Attend Sports Day, see the masses of red, green, yellow and blue t-shirts, listen to the girls and boys cheering on their House teams – the spirit of friendly competition and co-operation generated by the Houses is apparent.

There are four Houses at Our Lady’s Abingdon: Bowyer (Yellow), Challoner (Red), More (Green) and Rich (Blue). They are named after historical, humanist figures who played a key part in the school’s, local or national history.

Sir George Bowyer was a benefactor of the first Sisters of Mercy in Abingdon.

Bishop Richard Challoner worked as a Catholic priest in Oxfordshire in the eighteenth century when Catholics were still discriminated against.

Sir Thomas More famously proclaimed himself “The King’s good servant but God’s first” as he refused to abandon his conscientious objection to Henry VIII as Head of the Church.

Sir Edmund Rich of Abingdon became Archbishop of Canterbury and was canonised as St Edmund.

The houses are a great opportunity for pupils of all ages to work together and for different year groups to get to know each other. House activities this year have included writing and producing plays, competing to build the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower, competing in swimming, a House Countdown quiz and regular house and inter-house assemblies. Points are awarded to Houses and the House Shield is awarded at the end of the year to the House with the most points. Points given for commendations contribute towards a House Cup.

Having followed an application process, the House Captains are elected from among the Lower VI students, and the running of the Houses enables them to develop leadership and team-building skills and to work together and with younger students. There is a House Tutor for each House from among the staff, and an overall House co-ordinator to liaise with staff, the Principal and the Senior Management Team. Whole House assemblies generally take place at least twice a term and are informal assemblies.

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