Expeditions Abroad

At OLA, we offer the opportunity to students in the Sixth Form and Year 11 who are continuing into the Sixth Form, to take part in an expedition abroad. These expeditions include an element of working in the local community as well as a personal challenge.

Always popular, students who have taken part have learned skills in earning and saving money, planning activities for their community projects and developed a great sense of teamwork and responsibility.

Students have worked in a primary school in Kenya and climbed Mount Kenya, travelled to Peru, cycled through parts of China, worked in an orphanage in Patagonia, done a jungle safari and trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. In Ecuador, students spent a week working at a biological research station, built a shelter for a local primary school and trekked in the Andes and the rainforest. An expedition to Uganda strengthened links with our partner school there (Maryhill) as well as providing opportunities for improving a classroom building in a school which was in urgent need of help. The students also visited a special needs school and managed to find time to do a safari trip to spot a variety of wild animals. 

We are very excited to announce that OLA is planning an expedition to Borneo in 2018.


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