Our world is becoming increasingly dominated by the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems, which influence every aspect of our everyday lives.

Today's citizens need to be equipped with knowledge and skills to enable them to participate in a technological society. The citizen of tomorrow needs to be computer literate and able to take advantage of the opportunities afforded, as the use of communication networks becomes common and Information and Communication technologies provide new opportunities for learning and living. The challenge is to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of information technology and the tools required for preparing and participating in an evolving information-based society.

At OLA, this subject is part of the core curriculum until the end of Year 9, after which it becomes optional as a GCSE choice and later at AS and A level. Pupils develop analytical, communication and technical skills, which are vital to be active participants in an exciting and dynamic world. Working efficiently with spreadsheets, databases, presentations and desktop publishing are all part of the course, as is the effective use of the Internet. Pupils design web pages, solve mysteries, produce their own animations and much more. Coding is included in the ICT curriculum from Year 7, with pupils designing their own computer games. With ICT, learning can be fun!

Pupils may then opt to continue with ICT in Years 10 and 11, where they learn more advanced skills in the use of software and improve their confidence in areas such as mobile phone applications, web page design and games design, improve their understanding of social networking and its impacts, enable them to keep up to date with IT and digital developments at home and in the shops and provide them with ICT skills that they can use to solve practical problems. There are opportunities within the course to develop creative computer skills and to use programming techniques to identify a coded solution to a problem.

Students in the Sixth Form can also study ICT, where the emphasis is on project work related to particular software, such as spreadsheets, publishing, web design or graphics.

The Senior School has two ICT suites and all computers in these rooms are networked, as are all the workstations around the school. Pupils also have access to the Internet and email. Pupils work on a variety of projects and the Computer Animation Club run at lunchtimes, has been very popular amongst the pupils.


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