The Geography Department is well established and teaches pupils from Y7-U6. All pupils in Y7-9 study Geography before it becomes part of the option scheme for examinations at GCSE and AS/A2 level.

The Scheme of Work has been planned around interesting and topical issues. The content and skills re-enforce each other so that pupils feel they build up their knowledge and skills. A brief outline of the topics covered at present is given below:

Year/Exam Course Main Areas Studied
7 Introduction to Geography, Mapskills, Rivers and Flooding, Volcanoes and Earthquakes
8 Tropical Rainforest, Brazil, Coasts and Antarctica
9 Development and Tourism
GCSE (WJEC B Exam Course) Climate and Ecosystems, Coasts and Rivers, Economic Development, Settlement
AS (OCR Exam Course) Coastal and River Environments, Cold Environments, Urban Environments, Tourism and Energy
A2 (OCR Exam Course) Climatic and Earth Hazards, Geographical Skills, Population and Resources and Globalisation

Geography is about the world and so practical work outside the classroom is included as appropriate, for example, in Year 7 pupils study volcanoes and earthquakes and share a trip with the Science Department to The Natural History Museum in London. At GCSE level, fieldwork takes place in a variety of locations such as Pevensey in Sussex, the Olympic site and the local area.

Practical work also includes using maps and computers. All OLA Pupils are encouraged to research using the Internet and to present information to their classes using the interactive whiteboard.

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