The study of the English language as a medium of communication, understanding and self expression is one of the most important subjects on the school curriculum, underpinning all others. Our relationships and mutual respect are based on our ability to listen and communicate sensitively.

The central aims of the English Department are therefore to foster:

  • communication and understanding in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • confidence and enjoyment in the spoken and written word
  • inspiration and creativity
  • new ideas: the stretching of outlook, taste and expectation
  • the uniqueness of each pupil’s personal identity and development
  • skills of thinking and critical discernment
  • lifelong appreciation of the power and pleasure of language and literature

The pillars of English are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Through listening we learn respect for the viewpoints of others.
Through speaking we express what we believe.

Through reading we develop and broaden our empathy with others and move to our own moral standpoint.
The beauty of literature develops our aesthetic awareness.

Through writing we develop our powers of analysis and argument and unlock our own unique voice and creativity.

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