age quod agis 

quam maximam operam damus ut:

  • linguas mortuas antiquosque cultus in vitam revocemus

  • aetatem nostram superioribus spectandis intellegamus

  • in ludo ludamus

  • ingeniosissimas linguam litterasque Latinas (et interdum Graecas) quam severissime doceamus

  • per varietatem tamen omnibus occasionem excellendi demus

  • gradum quemque et finem et viam ad proximum faciamus

  • fiduciam, doctrinam, diligentiam incitemus


Whatever you do…do it well

We strive our utmost:

  • to bring dead languages and ancient civilisations to life

  • to understand our own age by looking at past ages

  • to bring fun to the classroom

  • to teach Latin (and sometimes Greek) language and literature to the most academically gifted with the utmost rigour

  • yet through variety to give to all the chance to shine

  • to make each stage both an end in itself and a path to the next

  • to instil confidence, learning and precision

Latin is studied by all pupils in Years 7 and 8. We have our own friendly Year 7 Latin Book which includes illustrations and stories from the pupils themselves and then follow The Oxford Latin Course. Latin is a popular option in Year 9 and for GCSE, AS and A2. There is a Junior Greek Club and the chance to study Greek to GCSE and beyond as an extra-curricular subject.

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